We're starting something

Starting something is incredibly exciting. There’s all the dreaming of course, and the coffee-fuelled planning meetings. There’s also the excuse to buy new stationery, and we should never underestimate the power of that sort of #motivation.

But if we’re being honest (and we mean to start off this conversation and this community by being honest - otherwise what’s the point, right?), starting something requires a whole lot of courage, as well. Sometimes it seems like the journey of starting a new thing is equal parts excitement and fear – whether that new thing is starting a new relationship, or a business, or stepping out in some other way. Getting out of your comfort zone is not easy.

And some days, depending on the day, that balance can slip even further, with fear threatening to gain the upper hand. On those days, we've realised that we need to ask ourselves if we’re going to let fear sit in the driver’s seat (thanks to Elizabeth Gilbert for the analogy).

Our fear wants to protect us, it’s true. It wants to keep us safe. But it’s a terrible decision-maker. It’d keep us from doing anything in life, if it could – because honestly, some days even leaving the house can be scary, right?

Fear is definitely not creative. It hates taking risks. It especially hates things like pushing for growth and change in any way.

You can imagine how it feels about starting a business.

So here is our resolution. Here’s where we take a stand (and we hope you’ll join us, in whatever circumstances you find yourself in today): today at HOLOS, fear does not get to make the decisions. It’s not getting into the driver’s seat.

Because starting something new is FUN. It’s creative. It’s brave and bold. And that’s who we want to be. That might be who you want to be, as well.

So yes, we’re doing a new thing. Today. Right now. We're starting something. 

Will you join us?

Writing by Christine Gilland Robinson