A not-so-January detox

The spirit of the January detox is fading fast across the city now.

You know it from years gone by - the virtuous green juices and the crowded gyms that were ever-present in those first couple of weeks of the year are starting to seem like distant memories now.

It’s something that we often sinkingly recognise at around this point in the new year, along with many of our other goals and resolutions - that sometimes we enter the new year with a touch of magical thinking - this year is gonna the be one, this is where it all changes, I’m gonna do it!

Only to make the mortifying discovery that you are the same person this year that you were last year.

2019 isn’t the ingredient that changes everything.

Now, I know this might all seem quite obvious in the cold light of late January. And this isn’t meant to depress you. But it’s time we told a few cold, hard truths:

We believe that will-power alone isn’t enough. And although we love and actually truly believe in the idea, the spirit of a detox - whether it be physical, mental or spiritual - to kick-start you into the new year and help form healthier habits, it’s the habits bit that is so crucial to making a lifestyle change.

How do we change our habits, our thinking, our attitudes, rather than just our circumstances?

Over the next couple of months we’ll be exploring the elements of habit formation and changing our brains to actually foster sustainable change in every area of life (and if you haven’t done a little life auditing for a while, do go back and read Recapturing the resolution, where we explore more of that!

The dream of the detox may have died, but its spirit can live on in newer, healthier ways in 2019. Will you join us?