5 simple kombucha hacks

Yes, kombucha is delicious and wonderful, and good for your gut. But did you know that there’s so much more to your fermented fave??

We’ve compiled a shortlist below of some of the other ways you can get more kombucha goodness in your life - prepare to be surprised at just how versatile this wonder product really is!

    Your salads will thank you for giving them some kombucha love, courtesy of this amazing recipe from the cult classic Kombucha Revolution cookbook.

    Yes, you can make the most gorgeous sourdough bread from kombucha! If you brew kombucha at home, you’ll know that you need to maintain that gorgeous SCOBY and trim off excess yeast from the fermentation process from time to time. But rather than throw these off-cuts away, you can use them to make a sourdough starter. That’s a zero-waste WIN, folks! We love this recipe from Kombucha Kamp.

    So, you may have noticed the emergence of probiotic skincare in recent months. And it stands to reason that if kombucha’s fermentation process produces all those gorgeous bacterias and enzymes, it could be good for your skin too, right? While there haven’t been any clinical trials to prove kombucha’s benefits as a skin saviour, this gorgeous skin toner recipe combines gentle Vitamin E and aloe vera with kombucha to gently refresh the skin.

    One of our team (we’ll leave you to guess who!) regularly gives their hair a good ol’ rinse with kombucha, at the end of their shower. And we promise, they have the most lustrous locks you’ve ever seen! Think about it as a twist on the classic apple cider vinegar rinse that your grandmother may have told you about - and the bonus is, you could come out smelling like ginger & hibiscus! Simply massage into your scalp, straight from the bottle, and rinse.


    If you’ve used an app like Think Dirty (which is equal parts addictive + horrifying), you’ll know just how full of chemicals your average household product can be. If you’d like to try making your own non-toxic cleaning solutions, there’s no better place to start than kombucha. This recipe is simple, and made from completely natural ingredients. (Although this recipe calls for homemade kombucha, HOLOS kombucha is fine to use as a substitute: we brew traditionally and don’t pasteurise, dilute or add artificial additives, so you’re guaranteed a homebrew style booch, without the hassle!)