Pitch perfect

As you may remember, we've been privileged to be part of Resurgo Venture's first Accelerator Programme, which over the last twelve weeks, has been the most amazing experience.

But as incredible as the programme has been, it's all been leading up to one thing: 

So last night, our merry band came together to share our vision for purposeful business that transforms the lives of survivors of human trafficking. (And of course to make kombucha cocktails - recipes for those, featuring our gorgeous new kombucha flavours, are here). 

We want to take a moment to celebrate the team:

Naomi pitched her socks off (pretty sure that's an expression!), and we are so, so proud of her.

Tom, who is both the brains and the brewer of HOLOS, was on hand to field the nitty-gritty questions and was quite simply the rock on which our whole team was leaning on (more mixed metaphors I know, but bear with me!). 

Joe and Megan, who now live in Brighton and have a BABY, were there in force to take pictures, chat to guests about the social purpose, and just be incredible. 

Ben, my husband, was an absolute star as our HOLOS bartender, stealing the show with kombucha mojitos and whiskey sours (and his good looks - ladies, he's MINE!). 

And finally, little ol' me, having a lovely time connecting with friends new and old (I love the fact that the world is so small sometimes - there were quite a few familiar faces from various connections, which was so much fun). It was amazing to be able to bring these folk just that bit further along the journey with us. 

It was the most incredible night - stretching, energising, nerve-wracking, exciting - so many emotions bundled into one.

There is still so much work still to be done - but we're very excited about this next stage, as we seek funding to take us into the next season of growth. We'll keep you posted on the journey! 

Thank you so much for being part of this story with us - and HUGE thanks to Resurgo, for their incredible work and dedication throughout this three month process.


Can I just say ... YAY TEAM!!!