The only way is ethics

Sorry, we just couldn’t resist the pun!

We really are serious about ethics, though. Right from the very start, it’s been super important for us to make sure that we set ourselves up ethically - not just with our core social purpose, but also with our supply chain and the everyday decisions we make about our products.

We believe that the business world, with its tremendous influence, should be leading the way in integrity and ethical practice.

So what are some of the key ways that we have set ourselves up to be an ethical business?

  • Show them the money: it might sound like kind of a boring point but it’s actually one of the most important - it’s critical for us to enshrine the principles of our social purpose in our founding documents and share structure. This means a) that our core purpose of training and employing survivors of trafficking through our one in four principle is written into our constitution and can never be changed, by us or anyone else. And b) we are in the process of creating a charitable foundation which will support anti-trafficking purposes. A percentage of our profits will always be set aside for this foundation, ensuring that we put our money where our mouth is.

  • We get by with a little help from our friends: we work with socially purposeful suppliers such as Tea People and Traidcraft to supply us with ethical and high-quality products that are doing good in the world. Honestly, check out what these guys are doing - they are fantastic companies who are making a real difference to communities around the globe, and we’re so proud to stand with them in this.

  • The power is ours: we have deliberately decided to bottle in glass because a) the environment is you know, kinda important, and b) kombucha is an acidic product, so glass is preferable for preserving the product and making sure no nasties leach into your drink. Yeah the Planeteers are back, baby!

  • No bad-mouthin’ or trash-talkin’: this is just old-fashioned good manners, right? We believe that when others thrive, we thrive as well. Kombucha is a fairly new product to the UK market, and loads of people still don’t know about it. The more people become aware of kombucha, through the amazing work of all of the fantastic companies currently brewing here, the bigger the market grows and the more everyone gains! We believe there’s room for all of us, and we are committed to being a supportive and collaborative voice in the booch biz.

  • We love our little family: from making sure we take regular rest days, to setting up a structure of accountability and support for the team (we have a team member whose job is basically to help look after our mental health & wellbeing, and keep us on track) and making time to have FUN together, we try to create a healthy and supportive family environment for our team. We’re setting the foundation for this now, because we know that as we expand and grow to include survivors in our team, this will be a hugely critical area . We need to create safe and supportive work environments so that everyone can thrive and grow, so we’re committed to that, straight from the get-go.