A Bubbly Adventure at Holos Kombucha - by Vinayak Gupta

A Bubbly Adventure at Holos Kombucha - by Vinayak Gupta

Written by Imperial- Tokyo Tech Global Fellow Vinayak GUPTA (Mr.)

What's up, my fellow beverage enthusiasts? Today, I've got a tale to share that's sure to tickle your taste buds and pique your curiosity. Buckle up, because we're about to dive into the fizzy, fermented world of Holos Kombucha!

On a sunny Friday morning, May 3, 2024, our crew from the Dyson School of Design Engineering's biomaterials lab had the privilege of visiting Holos Kombucha, a premium, award-winning kombucha brand based in the picturesque West Sussex, UK. We were greeted with open arms by Joseph, the Head of the Brand and a co-founder, who graciously showed us around their bubbly kingdom.

Now, let me tell you, these folks know their stuff when it comes to crafting unique and tantalizing flavors. We had the opportunity to sample some of their signature blends, including the citrusy Citra Hops and a special Yorkshire Tea fusion – talk about a match made in flavor heaven! The team couldn't get enough of these delightful concoctions, a true testament to Holos' use of premium loose-leaf tea blends and their knack for creating distinctive flavor profiles.

But wait, there's more! Mr. Joseph gave us the inside scoop on their traditional fermentation methods, where they use a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) to ferment their signature tea blends using only organic ingredients. It's like a secret recipe passed down through generations, but with a modern twist. This authentic process, combined with their small-batch approach, allows Holos Kombucha to continuously experiment and introduce new, award-winning flavors like Basil & Mint. Talk about keeping things fresh and exciting!

As we sipped on these bubbly delights, we couldn't help but feel inspired by Holos Kombucha's commitment to mastering the art of traditional brewing while continuously innovating with unique flavors and sustainable practices. It's like they've found the perfect balance between honoring the past and embracing the future.



But our adventure didn't stop there, my friends. You see, the biomaterials lab at DSDE is working on new ways to convert the waste product from kombucha brewing (the SCOBY) into high-value applications, such as textiles. In collaboration with Holos Kombucha, the team is aiming to develop a new manufacturing platform that allows kombucha brewers in the UK and worldwide to create income from their waste by-products while offering the fashion industry a sustainable alternative to synthetic leathers and textiles. It's like turning trash into treasure, but with a fashionable twist!

And let's not forget Reeti Roy, a textile design student at the Royal College of Art, who has been pioneering this effort with UK kombucha brewers and developing a network of suppliers for waste SCOBY feedstock. Her highly experimental work for textile design is exploring new manufacturing techniques for SCOBY, and we can't wait to see what she comes up with!

So, there you have it, folks – a bubbly adventure that's equal parts delicious and sustainable. Who knew that a simple visit to a kombucha brewery could open up a world of possibilities? From unique flavor fusions to innovative textile solutions, Holos Kombucha and the Dyson School of Design Engineering are proving that the future is fizzy, fashionable, and full of surprises.

Cheers to that, my friends! Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a kombucha craving to satisfy.


Vinayak Gupta is a fellow of the Imperial-Tokyo Tech Global Fellows Exchange Programme. During his 3-month stay at the Biomaterials Lab of the Dyson School of Design Engineering he is exploring new textiles derived from grape waste. For more information on Holos Kombucha, visit: holoskombucha.com or email info@holoskombucha.com 


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