HOLOS was founded in 2018 by a group of five friends in west London, UK. The business was born from a desire, as long-time kombucha fans, to drink quality, all-natural kombucha and to make a positive impact in the world.
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social purpose here.

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tom brewer managing director holos kombucha
Tom heads up HOLOS and is also our master brewer. Being part of the HOLOS team is a dream come true for him, but really we're the ones who are lucky to have this multi-talented man on board. With a background in engineering and experience in tendering, research & development, sales and project management, he's got an incredible talent for strategy and logistics. Just what you need when you're trying to brew hundreds of bottles of kombucha at once! He brings a wonderfully calming and reassuring presence to the team, and a great sense of humour. He’s also married to Naomi, one of our other founders! In his free time, Tom is an intrepid explorer, and loves having adventures outdoors. 
naomi social purpose ethical company director holos kombucha
Naomi is a total powerhouse, gifted leadership coach, and public speaker extraordinaire. She brings a wealth of industry experience to the sales team, having worked for over 15 years with some of the largest food brands in the world. In addition, as ex-CEO of an anti-trafficking charity, she is instrumental in helping HOLOS achieve our social purpose. She is one of the most efficient and talented people we know - move over Wonder Woman, this lady can do anything! Along with all that talent, she brings so much energy, warmth and dynamism to the team, with a lot of laughter and fun as well. She can often be found discussing complicated personality theories with Christine and Megan.
joseph creative lead holos kombucha
Joseph is our creative lead, he takes the pictures, shoots and edits the video and is a huge part in the beautiful design and images we use at HOLOS. He draws, decorates and even does a dance or two, which definitely helps boost team morale. Joseph is also the First Assistant Brewer here at HQ, a vigorous taste tester, his palate is the best indicator when the booch is ready and at optimum deliciousness. He's drunk his fair share of kombucha from around the world too, we'd say his gut must be really healthy but actually he enjoys donuts and pizza too.
christine marketing pr communications holos kombucha
Christine brings a sunny Aussie charm to HOLOS. A natural innovator, she was one of the co-creators and facilitators, alongside Naomi, of the Day 46 Programme for trafficked women. This set her on the path to pursuing socially purposeful business and she is forever grateful for the chance to use her talents for good in the world. A writer by trade, with a background in both publishing and communications, she heads up the marketing, PR and communications at HOLOS. An Enneagram 7 (and personality theory queen!) Christine brings the team together with her enthusiasm, warmth and creativity. When she’s not nose-deep in a book Christine loves to explore, hunting out the very best coffees and food wherever she goes.
megan social media holos kombucha
Megan first made acquaintance with kombucha while living in Cambodia, where she used it to keep her gut healthy and strong. Her passion for kombucha is only rivalled by her passion to make a difference to trafficked women, and she brings a wealth of experience of working with vulnerable women in NGO’s and safe houses. She also has an incredible passion for beauty and good design, and along with her husband Joseph, she is responsible for much of the social media and photography at HOLOS. Yes, if you get a DM from HOLOS, it’s probably this wonderful woman! She’s a risk-taker and a big dreamer, and brings massive passion and fun to the team.