HOLOS was founded in 2018 by a small group of friends in West London, UK. The business was born from a desire, as long-time kombucha fans, to drink quality, all-natural kombucha and to make a positive impact in the world. Now HOLOS HQ has a busy, expanding facility in West Sussex. Meet the core team below.
Tom manages HOLOS and brings a wealth of experience in engineering, tendering, research & development and project management. He's got an incredible talent for strategy and logistics, just what you need when you're organising thousands of bottles of kombucha every week. He’s also married to Naomi, one of our other founders and is a loving Father who enjoys having adventures outdoors and exploring. 
Naomi is our Head of Social Purpose, a gifted leadership coach and public speaker extraordinaire. She brings a wealth of industry experience having worked for over 15 years with some of the largest food brands in the world. In addition, as ex-CEO of an anti-trafficking charity, she is instrumental in helping HOLOS achieve our social purpose. Naomi brings so much energy, warmth and dynamism to the team, she can often be found discussing personality types with Christine and Megan.
Joseph is our Head of Brand and creative lead, he takes the pictures, edits the videos and is a huge part in the beautiful design and images we use at HOLOS. His background in social media consultancy and viral marketing campaigns means he's obsessed with SEO and how we look on shelf. Joseph is also a vigorous taste tester, his palate is the best indicator when the booch is ready and at optimum deliciousness. He's drunk his fair share of kombucha from around the world too, we'd say his gut must be really healthy but actually he enjoys burgers and chocolate too.
Megan first made acquaintance with kombucha while living in Cambodia, where she used it to keep her gut healthy and strong. Her passion for kombucha is only rivalled by her passion to love and care for vulnerable women, and she brings a wealth of experience of working with those less fortunate in NGO’s and safe houses. She also has an incredible passion for sustainability and ethical living.
Rod is the Production Manager at the HOLOS brew house, with over 30 years of bottling and brewing experience he understands and can visualise our huge production ambitions for the next phase of HOLOS. He's also thrilled to now be a Grandfather!
Mike, aka Big Mike, aka Captain Britain, aka 'my china' heads up all our independent stockists. Mike is in touch with everyone on our fast growing list of smaller retailers through our wholesale page and has years of experience dispatching delicious treats and tasty packages around the world with love and care. He's married to the lovely Perry and they have a son who is better than him at football.
Marcus (left) is our Sales Manager, he knows the kombucha industry inside-out and motivates all of us to dream big. He joined the team in late 2020 and have been pushing us to exceed our targets ever since!
You can read more about the amazing story of how HOLOS started here.