Sparkling, fermented, signature tea blends with unique and delicious flavours.

Our kombucha is made by adding a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast (otherwise known as a SCOBY) to a signature blend of premium loose leaf teas. We then add organic raw cane sugar and ferment for 7-14 days until it's tasting and testing perfectly. The sugar is transformed during a fermentation process which develops the deep, floral taste of HOLOS, we then add all natural ingredients to create our unique flavours. You can read more about kombucha, fermentation and health in our  FREE downloadable Fact Sheet. 

The secret to why HOLOS Kombucha is award winning and tastes so good is because we remain true to the traditional and authentic small-batch brewing and fermenting methods and we taste our batches at every stage of the process. HOLOS is handcrafted in West Sussex, UK surrounded by a beautiful vineyard and best served chilled, with friends.

If you want to try brewing your own kombucha at home then we've developed a one stop, HOME BREW KIT to get you going including the jar, liquid SCOBY and our own HOLOS signature tea blend. If not, then you can skip all the steps and head straight to the shop to buy some ready to drink: