HOLOS opens brand new bottling facility

HOLOS opens brand new bottling facility

On September 17th 2022 HOLOS kombucha officially opened the doors to the brand new HOLOS Kombucha bottling facility. Although the unit was already up and running before this date, the team wanted to mark the occasion with food, drinks, and little ceremony and a celebration.

We invited family, close friends and a few our more local investors down for lunch and a VIP tour of all the newly installed kit within HOLOS. The process hasn't changed for years but it was with great excited that the state-of-the-art, brand-spanking-new equipment was in full swing.

Earlier this year, HOLOS raised over £240,000 on crowdfunding platform Seedrs and one of key areas of focus was the production facility itself. Since then we've been building, organising and taking delivery of all the upgrades we have been hoping for. Our Head Quarters are now double the size and capable of producing over 3x the ammount of bottles we had been producing before this day.

Overall it was a great time of team building and real celebration of an exciting new season for HOLOS kombucha.

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