London Coffee Festival 2023: A Blend of Caffeine, Creativity, and Surprising Twists

London Coffee Festival 2023: A Blend of Caffeine, Creativity, and Surprising Twists

Earlier this year in April, it was our first time at the The London Coffee Festival, and upon reflection, it was an excellent decision. It's a captivating celebration of all things caffeinated, drawing coffee aficionados, industry professionals, and curious enthusiasts from all over Europe.

As the numbers rolled in, it was evident that this year's event shattered records, with an impressive attendance of over 30,000 individuals. Amidst the aromatic swirls of freshly brewed beans, the festival also witnessed the rising presence of soft drinks brands, including the delightful addition of our Holos Kombucha x Yorkshire Tea collaboration. The launch of this new limited edition product was the driving force behind our decision to exhibit, but we soon realised the whole event was way more dreamy then we expected! We took 100s of bottles, our custom pallet bar, a wad of business cards and waved across the hall at our Yorkshire Tea friends.

The festival hummed with an exhilarating energy as visitors immersed themselves in the world of coffee. From expertly crafted latte art to masterclasses on brewing techniques, attendees were taken on a sensory journey that delighted the taste buds and ignited the imagination. With over 250 exhibitors and countless interactive experiences, the London Coffee Festival proved itself to be the ultimate destination for coffee enthusiasts seeking inspiration and indulgence.

While coffee remained the star of the show, this year's festival showcased a remarkable surge in the presence of soft drinks brands. Not just the best kombucha brands in the UK, but matcha teas, botanical waters, CBD infusions and more creations were all on offer to sample. Hipsters and innovators queued up to sample every one of Holos kombucha's products and the response was beyond anything we expected: thrilled, fun and really positive. Without a doubt the most encouraging and inspiring time we've had as an exhibitor. 10/10 would recommend.

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