New and improved: Sparkling Oolong

New and improved: Sparkling Oolong

The Holos team is proud to re-introduce: HOLOS Sparkling Oolong with Elderflower.

The product formally known as Sparkling Oolong Premium Kombucha has had some major upgrades, with a brand new look and a slightly new taste. The changes off the back of big brainstorming session down at Holos HQ, we'd be running with our old black bottle for over two years at it was time to think bigger. Customers large and small had been dripping in feedback on the product and using words like 'mysterious' and 'edgy' and even 'unnapproachbe' and we decided we didn't want to be those things. 

We wanted to be proud, we wanted to be a easy choice, we wanted to be approachable and not create barriers between the customer and what was inside the bottle. We wanted things to be clear. So here it is, the brand new CLEAR bottles for HOLOS Sparkling Oolong with Elderflower.

Holos sparkling oolong premium kombucha LA brewry REAL kombucha MOMO no 1 living

The clear bottles shows you whats inside, what you can expect and helps the customer make a more informed decision, the materials where also expensive and problematic. You might also notice some other exciting updates:

- Updated label design, no longer are our famous O O in silver, but GOLD because this drink deserves to be in first place. Bolder and Brighter.

- The NON-ALCOHOLIC banner along the bottom, to fit in with our crown capped non-alcoholic 'night' range (Sunset Hops & Dark Fruit).

- We've added the tiniest hint of Elderflower for a floral finishing note. Our chilled Elderflower bottles are so popular in M&S we had to try it with some Oolong tea and it was unbelievable on the pallet. Also, not everyone knows what oolong is... but we all know and love that iconic Elderflower taste.


Let us know what you think of the changes, by emailing and you can now buy it direct by clicking: HERE.


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