No alcohol please, we're millennials

No alcohol please, we're millennials

These millennials. Has there ever been a generation so hated, so maligned, so blamed for the Death of Civilisation as much as Gen Y’s?

A simple Google search shows that millennials are currently being blamed for killing off everything from cheese and voting lines to middle children.

So yeah, we (yes, I’m millennial and am gonna claim it!) have disrupted film & tv with Netflix, taxis with Uber and Lyft, and almost everything else with Amazon. We subscribe to beauty boxes, vege boxes, and even aromatherapy oil boxes (yes, it’s a thing, and I’m probably gonna buy it for my mum, ok?).

Some of these disruptions are for the best, and others probably not so much. But one positive trend, and one that seems here to stay, is the fact that millennials (and their younger counterparts, Gen Z) are taking a long hard look at their alcohol intake, and turning away from binge drinking.

Enter Generation Sensible.

When the BBC ran a story about the rising trend of teetotalism among UK millennials, the response was wild. Some people brought the snark, some said they ‘hated us all’ and some applauded us. But it certainly wasn’t a moment for fence-sitting.

The fact that millennials, in the UK no less - a country synonymous with binge drinking, where the local pub has been elevated to an art form - are beginning to forsake booze in large numbers is absolutely headline news.

A quarter of 16 - 24 year olds (representing both millennials and Gen Z) don’t drink alcohol at all, and overall the proportion of adults who drink in the UK is at its lowest point in nearly 15 years. Millennial-run movements like our friends at Club Soda, who run booze-free festivals, or communities like the Sober Millennials, who run alcohol-free events which promise ‘good sober fun’, are only part of the vanguard of the emerging sobriety trend.

It’s not totally clear yet what the causes for this rise in sobriety really are - some commentators point to the fact that millennials are poorer than previous generations, and therefore can’t afford regular boozy nights out. Others point to the massive influence of the wellness industry and the popularity of teetotal celebrities such as Kendrick Lamar. Or could it be that we just listened to our over-protective parents?

Whatever the reason, the data is clear - we’re embracing sobriety in a big way in the UK. And in true millennial fashion, the drinks market is getting disrupted as a result. There has been an absolute explosion of fantastic alternatives to alcohol available in the UK in the last year (including of course, a certain kombucha brand starting with ‘H’!!!).

With online stores like The Dry Drinker and Farm Drop delivering a world of alcohol-free drinking right to your door, we think this is one trend that isn’t going anywhere fast. So … booch and Netflix, anyone?




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