Sipping Success: The Ultimate Guide to Sober October with JOMO Club

Sipping Success: The Ultimate Guide to Sober October with JOMO Club

Sober October is now a UK cultural phenomenon, rapidly gaining popularity. What began as a charity initiative has evolved into a widespread movement, urging people to forgo alcohol for a full month and reap the benefits of a sober lifestyle.

HOLOS kombucha is proudly pro-sober and for Sober October we've teamed up with JOMO Club who are on a mission to help people find inspiring, great tasting alternatives to alcohol. You can find a bottle of our Award-Winning Dark Fruit kombucha in this months JOMO box as well as other fantastic undiscovered drinks.

Ahead of the big Sober October frenzy, Gemma from JOMO says.... “For me, Sober October isn’t about what you are restricting/removing, it absolutely should be about what can be gained. Don’t let the month feel like it is a drag because you aren’t drinking. When socialising, choose a place that has a great alcohol-free menu so you can still have a drink in hand, get creative at home by making alcohol-free cocktails with friends and go somewhere or do something that you wouldn’t usually because you would normally be hungover or going to the pub! Finally, I would say document your journey. The only way you can truly understand how you feel day by day is by writing it down. Focus on; sleep, mood, energy levels, productivity and skin. If you don’t write it down, stay mindful throughout the month and reflect once October is done, you will go back to the ’norm’ of drinking on autopilot. Have fun with it!"

To help you get into the right mindset JOMO and HOLOS have put together some valuable tips to uncover a happier, healthier you while you join the UK's alcohol-free revolution...

Benefits of Sober October

  1. Improved Health: Kicking off the autumn season with a booze-free month can do wonders for your physical health. You'll wake up feeling refreshed, and your skin will thank you for the break from alcohol-induced dehydration. Plus, your liver gets a well-deserved vacation, allowing it to repair and regenerate.

  2. Mental Clarity: Say goodbye to those fuzzy hangover mornings and hello to mental clarity. Without alcohol's foggy influence, you'll be amazed at how sharp and focused your mind becomes.

  3. Quality Sleep: One of the most immediate benefits of Sober October is improved sleep. Without alcohol disrupting your sleep patterns, you'll enjoy deep, restorative rest night after night.

  4. Extra Savings: Think of all the money you'll save by not splurging on drinks at the pub or grabbing that bottle of wine after work. 

  5. Trying new things: Life is too short to do the same boring thing over and over again, there thousands of products from local independent drink distillers, brewers and fermenters to try! HOLOS kombucha is just one example, check JOMO for some more great suggestions!

Top Tips for Sober October Success

  1. Plan Ahead: Identify your triggers and plan how to navigate them. If you usually unwind with a glass of wine after a long day, find alternative ways to relax, like taking a warm bath, meditating, or practicing yoga. Order in your alternatives from HOLOS or JOMO now!

  2. Stay Social: Don't let your sobriety keep you from socializing. Invite friends over for a game night, go hiking, or explore alcohol-free cocktail recipes to enjoy at gatherings.

  3. Embrace Hydration: Invest in a stylish reusable water bottle and keep it by your side at all times. Staying hydrated helps curb cravings and keeps your energy levels up.

  4. Find Accountability: Joining Sober October with friends or family can provide a powerful support system. Encourage each other, share your successes, and celebrate your milestones together.

  5. Discover New Hobbies: With the extra time and energy you'll have, consider picking up a new hobby or revisiting an old one. Whether it's painting, dancing, or learning a musical instrument, a booze-free October is a great time to explore your passions.


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