The HOLOS mission - explained

The HOLOS mission - explained

Here is a simple outline of the HOLOS mission, feel free to copy this text and spread the word:

- HOLOS employs survivors of slavery, trauma and human-trafficking.

- The biggest threat to those that are rescued is 're-trafficking', through a combination of vulnerability and lack of opportunity. 

- 25% of our original founders’ shares were set aside to create The HOLOS Foundation

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How do we do it?

Holos works with charity partners who provide accommodation, counselling and casework support for survivors of slavery, trauma and human-trafficking. Our partners then connect us to those who are ready to step out, learn new skills and continue their journey.

Meaningful work gives us feelings of confidence, pride and productivity. Our co-founders all have backgrounds in volunteering and have learnt first hand the power of opportunity and helping those in need. In 2021, we provided over 20 paid shifts for our guests in a variety of roles. In 2022 we are on track to more than double that as well as piloting a new week-long 'HOLOS retreat' work-cation experience program.

Back in 2018, we even set aside 25% of our shares for The HOLOS Foundation with the purpose of providing rehabilitation for survivors of Human Trafficking in the UK, and for pioneering new ways to end modern-day slavery.

To summarise:

Escaping slavery is just the start. Finding freedom is where Holos can help.

Holos means wholeness. In body, mind and spirit. Your bottle of Holos kombucha is not only a gut-loving, low-sugar soft drink with award-winning taste. We also employ survivors of slavery in a safe, supportive and sensitive way. Everyone deserves to belong, everyone is on a journey to wholeness.

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