The UK's best Kombucha Subscription box

The UK's best Kombucha Subscription box

HOLOS kombucha has revamped their monthly drinks subscription box, the options are endless and the booch is delicious. So why is this the best kombucha subscription box out there? Here are just some of the cool features:

  • Cancel your subscription any time
  • Choose your own custom flavour combo
  • Monthly drops, either end of month or mid month
  • Award-winning taste, ask M&S, ask the Guild of Fine Food.
  • The cheapest price anywhere on the internet!
  • AND NOW you can also get 30% OFF when you sign up using the code: NEWSUB30 at the checkout

Like many others, you may of just seen Knives Out: Glass Onion and heard that Jared Leto has a kombucha can up for grabs, well he doesn't and if he did it would probably be flavoured with something out-there like 'avant garde succulents' or 'mysteries and dreams'.

If you're looking to try the best, something delicious, something deep and refreshing (and 100% real) then you're in the right place. This is authentic, all-natural kombucha - the sparkling fermented tea with a unique kick.

Kick off your subscription right HERE
And don't forget the 30% code: NEWSUB30


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