Yo! Sushi lists Holos 'Kombucha Soda'

Yo! Sushi lists Holos 'Kombucha Soda'


HOLOS can now be picked up in around 100 YO! Sushi sites across the UK. Diners will be able to choose between two of our delicious 'Kombucha Soda' flavours – Ginger & Turmeric or Raspberry & Lemon, served in 250ml recyclable cans.  

This is exciting news for our relatively new 'Kombucha Soda' range which exploded onto the scene for summer 2023, offering a lighter way to enjoy the benefits of kombucha. Each can is just 5 calories, contains live cultures and provides 50% of your RDA of Vitamin C to support immune health.

They are a perfect match with the newly launched, fresh, fun and healthy YO! Sushi 'street eats' menu. We sent Joseph, our head of Brand, to our local Brighton site to test out the new menu. He was delighted with the food combo, the brand partnership and was also overwhelmed with the generous hospitality from the staff.

Yo! Sushi are all about fresh, flavoursome, authentic Japanese food. Although Sushi is what they're known for they also have a mouth-watering range of hot street food available - from traditional classics to innovative fusion dishes. All packed with rich, aromatic flavours and all-natural ingredients on iconic colour-coded dishes.

Outside of Yo! Sushi HOLOS offers a third flavour, 'Apple & Elderflower' on Amazon and through our website.

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