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HOLOS London

Chilled Kombucha x 12

Chilled Kombucha x 12

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Award-winning premium soft drinks. Authentic, small-batch brew. Store chilled only. 

  • 12 x 330ml bottles - Choose either a single flavour case or a mix.
  • Dispatching Mon-Thurs
  • Packaging fully recyclable.


Citra Hops: Crisp. Tropical. Brave. Bursting with citrus notes with a refreshing dry finish, this is kombucha's answer to beer. Pair with comfort food, a BBQ, or on its own at the end of a busy day. 3-star Great Taste Award winner.

Ginger & Hibiscus: Joyful. Punchy. Cleansing. Two powerhouse flavours combine to form a delicious and full-bodied kombucha. A true crowd-pleaser, pairing well with East Asian foods or your favourite takeaway. Great Taste Award winner.

Elderflower: Floral. Summery. Refreshing. A blissful drink to relax with after a long day, always flowing amongst the staff at HOLOS HQ and very popular in M&S stores nationwide.

Basil & Mint: Fresh. Peaceful. Unique. An aromatic pairing inspired by the virgin mojito, instantly refreshing and pairs well with hot dishes and hot dates. Great Taste Award winner.

Classic (not in a standard mixed case): Smooth. Authentic. Cool. Our signature blend of green and black teas, a beautiful balance between citrus notes and the fermented kick. Enjoy any time of day. 1-star Great Taste Award winner and voted GOLD in Olive Magazine's blind taste test of the UK's leading kombuchas.

Please note: The Classic flavour is not included in a standard mixed case. It is however available for our subscribers who can customise their case combination.

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