5 slave-free food and drink companies making a difference.

5 slave-free food and drink companies making a difference.

Yes, it's another round-up! If you want to know that your food and drink purchases are making a difference in the world, check out this list of our faves below:

Tony's Chocolonely: Tony’s have a dream to make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate. Not just their chocolate, but for all chocolate worldwide. Partnering with trading companies in Ghana and Ivory Coast to buy cocoa beans directly from the farmers,Tony’s provides farmers with a premium price for their beans and as a result aids In combating exploitation. You can hear more about their incredible work and vision over on their website or through the Netflix documentary Rotten (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11064630/). 

We don’t find it hard to support this amazing brand, there’s something for everyone with  big bars, small bars and dairy free bars! Our favourite is the milk chocolate almond honey! 

Order today from Tony's


Holos Kombucha:
Yes, that’s us!

Our story started with Maya.  Two of our HOLOS team, Naomi and Megan, met Maya while in Cambodia working with survivors of human trafficking. Maya was trapped on the streets, trying to support five children. She was desperate, and didn't have a pathway out of what her life had become. 

As they got to know her, Naomi and Megan realised that Maya had a passion for nail art. So they spoke with their hotel, and asked if Maya could come and do manicures in the hotel lobby for guests. They supplied her with a start-up nail kit. And in that moment, the seeds of an idea were born: what if a business could be created, which would provide employment and freedom for people like Maya? 

You see, this one small act turned Maya's life around. She was great at nail art. She took the opportunity that had been given to her with both hands, and her business started to grow. A year later she was off the streets, and her children were thriving - in school, safe and happy. A cycle had been broken and it was from here that HOLOS was born!

Our mission is to equip and encourage survivors of human trafficking to gain meaningful employment through real-life training, job opportunities and partnerships. We're committed to the goal of working with survivors of trafficking to provide long-term, sustainable and hope-filled solutions for their future, to reduce the likelihood of further exploitation. 
Why not take a look at our store and try a box of our kombucha?

Blue Bear Coffee is committed to eradicating slavery from its supply chain, by specifically sourcing its coffee from independent farmers across the world. They are diligent to ensure their coffee is produced without anyone being exploited and they pay their farmers well above the fair trade market rate…we like that. 

The sole purpose of Blue Bear Coffee Company is to raise money and awareness for the fight to end human trafficking and modern day slavery. In order to do so, they give 100% of our net profit away to organisations effecting sustained and systematic change in this global issue.

Why not order some coffee from them today?

Luminary Bakery was set up as an innovative response to a need seen in women who had experienced social and economic disadvantage. Luminary have a vision to provide opportunities for women to build a future for themselves. They provide a safe and professional environment where women can grow holistically – encouraging ambition, restoration and second chances. Through the tool of baking, Luminary equip women with transferrable skills for the working world, empowering women to build their own career and aiming to break cycles of poverty, violence & disadvantage once and for all.

You can order their delicious brownies to your door or head to one of their bakeries if you’re local! Find out more. 

Tribe make innovative performance nutrition products from natural ingredients. Their products are geared towards everyday athletes and their range includes energy & recovery bars, protein shakes and hydration. Each bar is 100% natural, provides 10g protein, is dairy and refined-sugar free. They have a range of incredible flavours that you can find over on their website. 

More than this, the Tribe Freedom Foundation was set up by the three co-founders of TRIBE to raise funds to fight modern slavery and end human trafficking. The community of TRIBE athletes have raised more than £100,000 to fight human trafficking in the last 12 months and have set up their first home for trafficked children in the UK. 

Check out the Tribe product range here.

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