HOLOS launches new 'Kombucha Soda' range

HOLOS launches new 'Kombucha Soda' range

HOLOS Kombucha is thrilled to announce a new range of functional soft drinks ready for the peak of summer...

HOLOS 'Kombucha Soda'

A sparkling kombucha-based soft drink with live cultures and no sugar*.

The perfect refreshing pick-me-up, our 'Kombucha Soda' cans embody joy, freshness and a vibrant spirit. Wether you have an on-the-go lifestyle or your picnicking in the sun - sip happy because each can contains only 5 calories and 50% of your RDA vitamin C. 

For now, we've got two flavours available:

  • Kombucha Soda - Raspberry & Lemon
  • Kombucha Soda - Apple & Elderflower

You can pick up a box of your own from HOLOS store here: https://holoskombucha.com/products/new-kombucha-soda

Just so we're clear, our flag ship 'Chilled' Kombucha bottles (as seen in M&S) remain unchanged in both look and taste. These new 250ml cans will offer a lighter option that you can grab, go and you don't have to store them in the fridge.

As always, HOLOS provides work for survivors of slavery.

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