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HOLOS Kombucha

Kombucha Soda

Kombucha Soda

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HOLOS 'Kombucha Soda' (seen in YO! Sushi across the UK) now with brand new PINEAPPLE & MINT flavour.

A sparkling kombucha-based soft drink that embodies joy, freshness and a vibrant spirit. Sip your gut happy because each can contains:

🫧 No sugar*

🫧 Live cultures

🫧 Only 5 calories

🫧 50% of your RDA of vitamin C

Available in four fresh flavours;

- Raspberry & Lemon: Fruity, fresh & tart.

- Apple & Elderflower: Juicy, crisp & floral.

- Ginger & Turmeric: Fiery, Sweet & warm.

- Pineapple & Mint: Tropical, light & fun.


Boxes contain 12 x 250ml cans - choose either a single flavour case or a mixed case (3 of each). Dispatching Mon-Thurs. Packaging fully recyclable.

*Plant-based sweetener (stevia)

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