HOLOS launches two new products: Dark Fruit and Sunset Hops

HOLOS kombucha is over the moon to announce not one, but two brand new products for 2022. Introducing 'DARK FRUIT' and 'SUNSET HOPS'. Now available to buy from our online store.
dark fruit sunset hops holos ambient night range
Holos kombucha DARK FRUIT is the perfect non-alcoholic alternative to cider, flavoured with blackberries, blueberries and juicy apples. This is not just cider, it's better.
Holos kombucha SUNSET HOPS is the perfect non-alcoholic alternative to beer, flavoured with Citra Hops for a tropical, dry finish. This is not just beer, it's better.
Throughout our kombucha brewing journey we've been asked to same 3 questions over and over again:
1. Can I store it outside the fridge?
2. Will your drinks work in my pub/bar?
3. Your Citra Hops flavour is insanely good, will you inject it into my veins?
Now, all of these questions are valid but we don't recommend injecting our drinks. Even our 3-star award winning Citra Hops which the M&S customers are currently going feral over. However, that particular product inspired us to go down this journey of creating products that could help answer all three questions... 
The non-drinkers are causing chaos in every local pub and the evening scene is getting turned upside down. The sugary, 2D and weak options for the sober and sober curious need a major revamp and we knew we had something special that could meet this need. Something more sophisticated, something delicious and to keep the landlords happy: something that didn't need storing in a fridge!
Que our two brand new flavours: Dark Fruit and Sunset Hops.
It's time for a soft-drink revolution. Coming to a bar near you.
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