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HOLOS Kombucha

The Black Cans

The Black Cans

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The perfect no/low alternatives. Authentic, shallow-brewed kombucha by HOLOS.

  • 12 x 250ml cans - Choose either a single flavour case or an equal mix.
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  • Dispatching Mon-Thurs
  • Packaging fully recyclable.


Sunset Hops: Crisp. Tropical. Brave. Bursting with citrus notes with a refreshing dry finish, this is kombucha's answer to IPA. Pair with comfort food, a BBQ, or on its own at the end of a busy day.

Sparkling Oolong: Floral. Fruity. Elegant. A delicately, shallow-brewed 'High Mountain' green tea blend with a subtle elderflower infusion. Serve in a flute alongside strawberries and cream.

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